January : a woman judge’s season of disillusion

In lucid, compelling prose, January follows the deepening friendship of two powerful women during a pivotal time in their lives.

Recently widowed, Anne Armstrong Gibson, founder of Wellspring Cancer Support Foundation, is in the terminal stages of her illness. While Anne prepares her young sons for life without her, the Honourable Marie Corbett provides comfort and support for her friend – a role as challenging and emotionally fraught as her work conducting sexual assault and international heroin trafficking trials in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

From hospital ward to courtroom, Marie confronts the limitations of the criminal justice system and comes to terms with Anne’s fate, propelling her to choose between civic duty and the life she truly wants.

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Forty Years Late

FORTY YEARS LATE:  Forty Years Late written by the late Doris Corbett was published by Marie Corbett and tells the true story of their grandmother, Teresa Ghaney Corbett. It is the story of a courageous woman’s stand against the tyranny of Father Casey, a priest in the Roman Catholic village of Conception Harbour, Newfoundland.

Marie’s note: A lifelong student and teach of history, Doris called herself, not ‘historian,’ but ‘memorizer,’ a person who remembers and passes on the elemental experiences of women. Doris taught me that we must pass down our stories. Too little of history is about the reality of women’s lives; too much of “women’s stuff” has been discarded. Her commitment to speaking our truth has inspired me to publish this book.

Forty Years Late is available for purchase on Kindle Books.