Civil Cases

1982, January/February, Benefits Canada, Marie Corbett, How Saskatchewan’s pension legislation affects the rest of us

1983, July 6th, The Globe, Panel appointed to advise Norton

1984, April, Benefits Canada, Another plea for uniformity

1984, May, Pensions and Benefits, Same pension laws cross-Canada demanded

1988, March 5, Globe and Mail, Thomas Claridge, Judge cites falling IQ of four-year-old boy in awarding custody

1987, November 26, Globe and Mail, Acquittal of two hospitals on waste charges is upheld

1987, Toronto Star, Wendy Darroch, Father loses custody after being convicted of whipping children

1989, September 13, Globe and Mail, Bud Jorgensen, Ontario’s homegrown securities imbroglio

1990, February, Toronto Life, David Olive, The Eviction

1990, June 5th, Globe and Mail, Judge awards rent rebates to 57 tenants

1990, September 14, The Lawyers Weekly, Cristin Schmitz, Mum hates dad, but it’s no reason to end her custody

1991, September 13, Globe and Mail,Thomas Claridge, Judge backs Subway Elvis

circa 1991, Jane Gadd, Subway Elvis bursts into courtroom song
Case went to Supreme Court of Canada and was upheld

1993, February 22 – 28, Law Times, Jim Middlemiss, Action Alleging Sexual Abuse in Hollad can be Filed in Ont.

1993, March, The Lawyers Weekly, Cristin Schmitz, Judge slashes $27,000 from firm’s bill for family law work

1993, March 23rd, Toronto Star, Woman wins fight to slash divorce bill

1993, April 30, Lawyers Weekly, Stamp honours woman judge Helen Kinnear

1993, December 20 – 26, Judgment day

1994, February 10, Globe and Mail, Thomas Claridge, Man wins suit over back pain from car crash

1994, February 25, The Lawyers Weekly, Tom Onyshko, Labourer, 39, is awarded $60,000 for back injuries in first threshold case since Ont. C.A.trilogy

1994, June 3, The Lawyers Weekly, Monique Conrad, Daughter was previously abused by 12 others, Ont. dad is only partly liable for sex assault award

1996, February 9, Globe and Mail, Thomas Claridge, Judges accept welfare cuts by Tories

1996, March 29th, Lawyers Weekly, Jordan Furlong, Estate executors who are lawyers not held to higher standards : judge

1997, April 4th, Lawyers Weekly, Elizabeth Raymer, Specific performance no longer an automatic real estate remedy : judge

1997, April 4th, Lawyers Weekly, Cristin Schmitz, Courts can overrule final divorce settlements

1997, May 1, Globe and Mail, Thomas Claridge, Court upholds doctor’s dismissal

1998, November 27th, Lawyers Weekly, Bill Rogers, Independent spoliation tort rejected by Div. Ct.