Criminal Cases

1987, December 2nd, Globe and Mail, Thomas Claridge, Couple found guilty of abusing infant girl

1987, Toronto Star, Wendy Darroch, Father loses custody after being convicted of whipping children

1988, February 13th, Toronto Star, Wendy Darroch, Parents jailed for beating newborn

1988, May , Toronto Star, Man made daughter, 9, sexual slave judge says

1988, July/August, The magazine of Toronto, Phillip Martin, Child abuse on trial

1988, Sept 14th, Globe and Mail, Donn Downey, Man is jailed for sexual assault

1989, July 19th, Toronto Sun, Tony Poland, Woman jailed in sister’s abuse

1989, July 19th, Globe and Mail, Jack Nagler, Woman gets prison term for abuse of younger sister

1989, July , Toronto Star, Wendy Darroch, Judge ‘reluctantly’ jails woman who was forced to assault sister

1989, December 31st, Miami Herald, Hockey Report

1990, April 24th, Toronto Star, Wendy Darroch, Consider castration for rapist, court told

1990, April 26th, Toronto Star, ‘Vicious’ attack brings 7-year term

1990, April 26th, Toronto Sun, Thug jailed in ‘vicious’ sex attack

1990, May 31st, Toronto Sun, Tony Poland, Rapist gone for good: likely to cause ‘evil’; judge

1991, May 14th, Toronto Sun, Tracey Nesdoly, Life for killing pal : Judge slams frightening use of firearms’ in Metro

1991, May 29th, Globe and Mail, Probation ordered for man after woman partly blinded

1991, June 26th, Globe and Mail, Jumped bail, sentenced to 8 years

1991, June 26th, Toronto Star, Gary Oakes, Fugitive driver gets 8-year term in fatal crash

1991, July 23rd, Globe and Mail, Gay Abbate & Mary Gooderham, Injured 3, driver given 2 and 1/2 – year term ; judge metes out tough sentence

1991, July 23rd, Toronto Star, Gary Oakes, First-time drunk driver jailed in crash

1991, July 25th, Toronto Star, Gary Oakes, ‘Absurd’ sentencing law needs fixing, judge says

1992, February 22nd, Toronto Star, Gary Oakes, Teen not guilty of murder in Scarborough man’s death

1992, May 20th, Toronto Star, Wendy Darroch, ‘Never forget me’ victim yells to rapist

1992, May 21st, Toronto Sun, Tracy Nesdoly, Sentence suspended in slashing

1992, May 22nd, Globe and Mail, Thomas Claridge, Chilean’s murder conviction overturned

1992, May 23rd, Toronto Sun, Bill Dunphy & Sam Pazzano, Hypnosis expert’s on the run

1992, June 22nd, Globe and Mail, G. Derrik Elkin, Youth, crime and the Fagin factor

1992, June 23rd, Toronto Star, Apartment ‘flip’ trial could drag on for years

1992, July 29th, Thomas Claridge, Anal intercourse provision ruled rights breached

1992, September 9th, Toronto Sun, Tracy Nesdoly, Grandpa jailed for sex with children

1992, October 31st, Toronto Star, Man, 29, gets life for fatally stabbing neighbour

1992, October, Canadian Lawyer, Michael Lewis, Jury System on Trial

1992, November 28th, Globe and Mail, Acquittal in shooting spurs attack

1993, April, Playboy, Forum Newsfront, What’s happening in the sexual and social arenas

1993, May 22nd, Toronto Star, John Duncanson, Jailed man cleared as noted psychologist has license revoked

1993, May 22nd, Toronto Sun, Sam Pazzano, Murder suspect acquitted

1993, July 7th, Globe and Mail, Addict freed after waiting eight months in jail for trial

1993, September 24th, Toronto Star, Gary Oakes, Bail-jumper arrested in U.S. over 4-death crash on QEW

1994, May 6th, Lawyers Weekly, Cristin Schmidtz, Crown must justify need to keep informant’s identity secret : judge

1994, May 15th, Toronto Star, Tracey Tyler, Crowns warned over flimsy cases

1994, August 2nd, Globe and Mail, Craig McInnes, Trying to fight back in the courtroom

1994, August 24th, Toronto Sun, Tracy Nesdoly, Judge has faith in system : Justice is blind

1994, August 29th – September 4, Law Times, Howard Solomon, Publicatiuon ban prevented Bernardo case from reaching O.J Simpson proportions : Greenspan

1994, September 9th, Lawyers Weekly, Tom Onyshko, Panelists probe pros, cons of letting TV cover court proceedings : CBA seminars moot merits of cameras in courts

1994, September 29th, Toronto Sun, Sam Pazzano, Assault case flip

1995, April 28th, Toronto Star, Gretchen Drummie, Pusher guilty in teen death

1995, June 9th, Globe and Mail, Drug dealer gets four years in girlfriend’s cocaine death

1995, August 4th, Toronto Sun, Sam Pazzano, His Mom caught him : Abusive dad gets 2 years

1995, September 6th, Toronto Star, Bruce DeMara, Acquitted man to sue after four years in jail

1995, October 23rd – 29th, Law Times, Julius Melnitzer, Challenge for cause : Ontario Court of Appeal sidesteps issue

1995, December 9th, Toronto Star, Harold Levy, How a man was wrongly convicted of murder

1996, May 8th, Toronto Star, Gary Oakes, Man gets 7 years for ‘terrifying’ home invasion

1996, May 31st, Toronto Star, Gary Oakes,‘Unspeakable’ abuse of wife nets man five-year sentence

1996, May 31st, Toronto Sun, Gretchen Drummie, Sadist given 9 years in jail ; Tried to force wife into sex with dog

1996, August 19th, The Globe, Thomas Claridge, Judge strikes down law against being in car with gun

1997, January 28th, Toronto Sun, Sam Pazzano, Crackhead killer gets life

1997, May 21st, The Globe, Thomas Claridge, Appeal court clears jailed man of criminal negligence in death

1998, July 15th, Toronto Star, Theresa Ebden, Nurse released from jail to cheers

1998, July 15th, Toronto Sun, Dick Chapman, Applause for baby murder suspect

1998, July 16th, Toronto Sun, Gretchen Drummie, Doc guilty in attack

1998, July 17th, Toronto Sun, Dick Chapman, Press ban lifted on nurse’s bail

1998, November 26th, Toronto Sun, Sam Pazzano, Nanny killer pleads guilty

1998, November 26th, Toronto Star, Wendy Darroch, Man pleads guilty in nanny’s rape, murder

1999, March 28th, Law Times, Marie Corbett, The Ewanchuk debate : A retired judge responds